HD multiroom streamer

Bluesound VAULT 2i HD-music multiroom-ripper

  • price [CHF]: 1399.-
  • finishs:


HD multiroom speakers

Bluesound SOUNDBAR 2i HD-music multiroom-speaker

  • price [CHF]: 1199.- / 1299.-
  • finishs:



CI Installation

NAD RM 720 BluOS Rack


Bluesound RC1 remote control

  • price [CHF]: 79.-
  • finish:

Bluesound PULSE SUB Subwoofer

Bluesound DUO Satellite System

  • price [CHF]: 1280.-
  • finishs:

Bluesound PULSE-FLEX SKIN skin

  • price [CHF]: 33.-
  • finishs:

additional hints on OS-X file-sharing:

With the release of OS X 10.9 and OS X 10.10, Apple made significant changes to SMB2 or Windows File Sharing, There have been a few issues on Apple's end that need to be tweaked to ensure Bluesound is able to connect to your iTunes Library using Network File Sharing.

Here are some common troubleshooting tips that we have found so far:

1. File Sharing works best with the Guest User account accessing a share to the BluOS Firmware on your Player.

If you have not set up your Guest account, follow these instructions.
- Open to "System Preferences -> Users & Groups"
- Click the Lock to allow changes (If required)
- Click the User "Guest User" under "Other Users"
- Click the checkbox for "Allow guests to connect to shared folders"
- Click lock to prevent changes

When trying to access the share under "Configure Network Shares", simply leave the user name and password fields blank.

2. If you have been using Guest access before on your previous OS X Firmware, simply un-check and then re-check the "Allow guests to connect to shared folders" on your OS X 10.9 / 10.10 computer to refresh you Guest User access. In our troubleshooting, refreshing this check box has resolved the majority of OS X sharing issues for upgraded shares.

3. Re-apply sharing permissions to subfolders: Command-click (right-click) any folder that is a Shared Folder in Finder, Select Info. At the bottom, there is a lock for changing sharing permissions. Unlock and select the gear icon there. One of the options there applies all permissions to subfolders. We have found this step required in the new sharing switch.